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  1. Welcome on GroopUs.com !

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  2. The panel of your groups

    All of your groups are displayed in this column. Click to filter a group, on this group, the information displayed on the central portion of the site.

  3. All my groups

    This special entry to select all your groups at once. View the news, calendars, messages, and polls for all your combined groups.

    Practice to have an overall view of your information!

  4. Your account

    This entry allows you to access your personal account. This is your private area where you can upload files, create events, manage your public page, manage your followers, ...

    Everything that appears in your account will be seen only by you.

  5. Add a group

    You need to create a group (music, sports, work, ...)? Click this button to create one!

  6. News, Calendar, Messages and Shares

    For the selected group(s) in the left column, choose what you want to look at:

  7. Shortcuts

    At a glance, you can see the number of new events () and new messages () not seen yet (any group combined).

  8. Your details

    Click here to edit your information, change your password, manage your options (alerts, ...) or disconnect.

  9. Feedback

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