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Manage all of life’s activities from a single platform.

Are you in a music band, a sports team, or a theatre company? Are you struggling to organize, share files, and communicate with your groups? GroopUs is the connection between your groups and the tools to manage them efficiently. Join now, it's free and easy to use!

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We understand that the concept of group is central to your life. Your hobbies, your daily activities, you work duties, and your free time often revolve around groups. We felt it was natural that your agenda, your messages, and your files revolve around groups too. GroopUs.com is the connection between your groups and the necessary tools to manage them efficiently.

We all know how complicated it is to find a date satisfying everybody's busy agenda ! "Who is coming to the concert ? When can we plan the next rehersal ? Is anyone coming to the training ?" GroopUs.com helps you by providing a centralized agenda where each event shows which group member is attending.

Comunicate simply by sending messages to all or some members of you groups. To make your life easy, messages are organized in conversations. In addition, every event has an associated conversation to centralize and spread information efficiently.

You need to share content with your groups (pictures, docs, scores, recordings, ...) ? You have spotted a fun video or a nice website ? GroopUs.com helps you share all this material easily and securely with the members of your groups.

What's more annoying than knowing how your data is used on the web? At GroopUs.com we share your frustration and thus guarantee that we will never use your data for commercial purposes. Your data belongs to you and you remain its sole proprietary.

We do not use your data, hence there is no advertising based on it. You can use GroopUs.com for free. No euros and no publicity! Every webpage can thus be focused solely on the display of your data.

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